Crime Log April 9 to April 15, 2024

Commercial Breaking & Entering

24020873: On 4/14/24 at approximately 9:18 PM, Somerville Police responded to a business in Union Sq for report of a past breaking and entering. Upon arrival, officers observed damage to the back of the store and the alarm disabled. An ATM machine inside was sawed open and the cash was stolen. Additionally, cash was stolen from two registers as well numerous cartons of cigarettes.

Commercial Breaking & Entering

24021020: On 4/15/24 at approximately 2:22 AM, Somerville Police responded to a business on Broadway for an alarm. Upon arrival, officers observed a side door partially open and several cameras covered up with spray paint. Officers conducted a walkthrough and did not observe anything out of place. Nothing was reported missing.


24021300: On 4/16/24 at approximately 8:43 AM, Somerville Police responded to a business in Assembly Row for report of an assault. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim who stated he got into an argument with a male party inside the store and the male pushed him causing him to fall over.

Other Crimes:

  • 8 Car Breaks
  • 1 MV Vandalism
  • 3 Vandalisms
  • 3 Bike Thefts
  • 2 Package Thefts
  • 4 MV Thefts