Snow Emergency Information: If you believe your car was towed for a snow emergency please see the City Snow Tow Policies or contact Pat's Towing directly to retrieve your vehicle.

The Somerville Police Department currently uses Pat's Towing as our primary towing company.

For Payments and Claim Tickets see the Medford Office Location

Pick Ups (After Payment)

Motor vehicles will be picked up at 142 Mystic Ave Medford, MA after payment is made.

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Shuttle Service

If necessary customers will be shuttled from the Medford St Office to 142 Mystic Ave free of charge. Shuttle location is at Magoun Sq by Pat's Tow. Please call Pat's Tow with any questions you may have: 617-354-4000.


Reclaiming your Vehicle

If your vehicle was towed by the Somerville Police Department, you must first come to the Police Station at 220 Washington St to get a "claim check". You MUST be the registered owner of the vehicle and provide photo identification. After receiving a claim check for your vehicle, you can go to Pat's Towing and pick up your vehicle.

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