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Non-Emergency Help Line: 617-625-1600

Use the Non-Emergency Help Line (617) 625-1600 to report non-emergencies only. You may dial the unit's extension at any time during the call.

If you have questions about how to file a police report about an incident, dial 617-625-1600 Ext. 7250 or say "Police Officer " at the prompt to reach an available officer 24/7. If you are unable to reach a station officer, our station officers may be assisting other residents on the phone or in the lobby. Please leave a brief voice message with your name and phone number to return your call.

For Non-emergencies calls may include but are not limited to: Blocked Driveway, Package Thefts, Bike Thefts, Noise Ordinance Control, Police Report Status, Lost & Found Items, Scams & Fraudulent Activity. Dial: 617-625-1600 Ext. 7250.


 Ext. 7275

 Animal Control

 Ext. 2190

 Chief's Office

 Ext. 7200

 Crime Analyst

 Ext. 7288

 Detail Office

 Ext. 7267


 Ext. 7220

Family Services

 Ext. 7278

Officer in Charge

 Ext. 7253

(Station)Police Officer



Professional Standards

 Ext. 7211


 Ext. 7244


DIAL 9-1-1 for Emergencies Only

Always remember to dial 911 for Police, Fire, or Medical Emergencies. Examples of when to dial 911 are: Motor vehicle crashes and crimes in progress that cause personal injury or damage to property requiring police intervention. All personal injuries or dangerous life-threatening emergencies requiring immediate medical response. 

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