VLADISLAV SINEV                                                                 Age: 53

Date of Arrest:


Booking Number:



250 Vale St. 328 Chelsea MA 02150






I, Officer Roger Desrochers, report the following summary of events based on direct interview with the persons named.

      On Sunday, November 12, 2023, I, Officer Desrochers, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser 787 (W5), and patrolling the West District, for the Somerville Police Department when at about 3:56 PM Officer Ruf and I were dispatched to Zaruma Gold Coffee located at 37 Woodbine Street for a reported assault.

      Before our arrival dispatch informed us that the RP stated that the employee chased him with scissors and dumped water on him. As we arrived, we were met outside by two males later identified as XXXX and XXXX. Mr. XXXX stated, that he went into Zaruma Gold Coffee and ordered a Coffee, when he received his coffee, he did not like how it was made so he asked the owner identified as XXXX if she could make the coffee to his liking. Mr. XXXX stated, that at this point Vladislav Sinev stepped to the counter and told him to leave. Mr. XXXX stood there shocked and several more times Mr. XXXX told him "Get the fuck out". Upset at what he was hearing, Mr. XXXX placed the cup of Coffee on the counter without the lid and knocked it over causing the coffee to spill all over the place and spilled on Mr. Sinev's pants.

      Not happy with what just took place, Mr. Sinev chased Mr. XXXX around the coffee shop with a pair of scissors that he had in his hand. Mr. XXXX stated that he was scared due to that fact that Mr. Sinev was holding the scissors above his head. As the two made their way near the front door Mr. Sinev picked up a glass water dispenser and swung it in the direction of Mr. XXXX head. Mr. XXXX put his hands up to protect himself. The two then began to struggle with the dispenser causing the water to spill on both of them. Mr. Sinev then dropped the glass dispenser causing it to shatter. Mr. XXXX ran out of the coffee shop once again being chased by Mr. Sinev who was carrying scissors with a white handle. Mr. XXXX then called 911 and Mr. Sinev went back into the coffee shop.

      Officer Ruf located the scissors on a counter to the left of the front door. The scissors were tagged and placed into locker 5 as evidence.

      Officers then spoke with two witnesses. Mr. XXXX stated that he was with Mr. XXXX and saw him being chased with the scissors and saw Mr. Sinev try to strike Mr. XXXX with the glass water dispenser, then chase once again with the scissors outside.

      Mrs. XXXX stated, that she witnessed Mr. XXXX knock over his coffee onto the counter, then saw Mr. Sinev chase him around the store but didn't see anything else due to her being behind the counter. She was the one who cleaned up all the water as well as the broken glass. We asked if the cameras were recording and if we could see them, she stated that they record but she cannot watch them.

        Based on the victim and witnesses' statements, Mr. Sinev was placed under arrest and will be charged with the following.


265/15B/A ASSAULT W/DANGEROUS WEAPON (glass dispenser)

      Mr. Sinev was then brought outside of the coffee shop due to the fact that there were little kids inside, he was handcuffed and read his miranda right to which he stated he understood. I then called for unit 200 driven by Officer W. Collette to have Mr. Sinev transported to the police  station to be booked by Sgt Slattery.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Roger Desrochers #337