Somerville Police Award Life Saving Medal to Police and Housing Officers

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On Wednesday, January 19, 2022 Officers Kevin Goulart and Justin Buswell were on routine patrol in the area of the Dilboy Pool located on Alewife Brook Parkway. At 1:47pm they heard a radio transmission from Somerville Housing Officer Billy Rymill, who was on a nearby detail. He was alerting dispatch of a rollover involving a trailer truck in the area of Capen Court. 

Officers Goulart and Buswell, who were just minutes away, immediately proceeded to the crash scene. On their arrival, they observed the truck lying on its side in the southbound lane exiting the rotary. The driver's cab had struck a tree and landed near the curb resulting in extensive damage. Without hesitation, Officer Goulart exited his cruiser and ran towards the overturned truck. Officer Buswell positioned his cruiser to block oncoming traffic and decrease the possibility of further injury.  

Officer Goulart, using a section of the tree that was split in half due to the impact, climbed up on top of the cabin in order to check on the operator. From this vantage point, he could see that the driver was trapped and bleeding from his head. Officer Goulart called out to his fellow officer to bring the trauma bag assigned to the cruisers. With bag in hand, Officer Goulart retrieved bandages and handed them to the driver instructing him to press the bandages against the wound in hopes of stopping the bleeding. Officer Goulart observing the amount of blood loss, and also hearing observers yelling that the truck was starting to smoke, believed time was of the essence. Officer Goulart then climbed down from the cab and using an emergency window puncher, broke the back window and extricated the operator from the damaged vehicle. The two officers now joined by Officer Rymill, relocated the driver away from the hazardous scene. Officer Buswell now focused on rendering medical aid, while Officer Goulart assisted in managing the chaotic traffic scene. 

The decisive actions of the above referenced officers, not only contributed to this life saving event, but also exemplifies the long history of courage and professionalism within the Somerville Police Department. I take great pride in awarding each of these Officers with the Somerville Police Department's Life Saving Award. 


Presented on the 25th day of January in the year 2022

Charles Femino, Chief of Police

Life Saving Alewife 2022

[Photo from Left: Deputy Chief Christopher Ward, Somerville Housing Officer William Rymill III, Police Officer Justin Buswell, Police Officer Kevin Goulart]