No Shave, Winter of Giving

SOMERVILLE ---To further the Somerville Police Department efforts to give back to the local community the Somerville Police Department have chosen to donate to the Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS). Since 1981, this organization is dedicated to ending poverty in Somerville by working with the community families and individuals to eliminate societal conditions that cause and perpetuate poverty. Today, CAAS has become an adaptive agency that has provided a platform for people to voice their concerns and gain visibility in service of the community. This donation will allow CAAS to support and create new programs to aid families while continuing to meet the needs of the ever-changing community in Somerville. Therefore, any Officer who donates to this organization will be entitled to keep their beards for four months to show their support and foster camaraderie. Grooming standards for the time of November 1st through February 28th, 2017 have been waived for those Officers. Officers will resume with a clean shave, in compliance with department regulations by March 1st, 2017.