Somerville Police Pilots Truck Safety Enforcement DayTruckSafetyCheck

On April 27th, Somerville Police conducted its first Truck Safety Enforcement Day.  This was a collaborative operation between Somerville Police's Traffic Unit, The State Police, Everett Police Truck Unit, and the Lowell Police Truck Unit. 


The purpose of this operation was to ensure trucks using Somerville roads that day were following safety standards.  If trucks operators/owners were found in violation they would be cited for safety violations such as being overweight and for having faulty/unsafe equipment. 


These checks yielded one truck being removed from the road for having faulty tires and brakes, another for a driver not properly licensed (no CDL), and others trucks for being overweight, or having unsafe tires.


Special acknowledgements for Sgt. McAnally at the Massachusetts State Police, Officer Spinney of the Lowell Police and Sgt. Gaff of the Everett Police who were all trained in Truck Enforcement procedures and assisted in these checks.