Cheryl Delafano Awarded The Paul Harris Unsung Hero

cheryl delafano seen on the leftSomerville Police COHR Diversion Coordinator Cheryl Delafano was awarded the Unsung Hero award at the Somerville Rotary Club November 7th. The Unsung Hero award is given to individuals who meet high professional and personal standards set forth by Paul Harris the Rotary’s founder in 1905.  

Cheryl unquestionably works wholeheartedly for many years in cities like Medford and currently Somerville. Cheryl’s dedications and compassion has helped many families through the painful experiences of substance abuse and mental health and help them gather resources to assist them. Cheryl was co-founder of the Medford Chapter of Families Anonymous and has assisted families battling addiction problems for over a decade. Currently Cheryl works at the Somerville Police Department’s Community Outreach, Help and Recovery program aiding and providing resources to support Somerville Resident’s on their recovery path from substance abuse and mental health.cheryl5

The Community Outreach, Help and Recovery Program (COHR) is a program that provides free training classes to residents with support and sponsorship from the City of Somerville and other local organizations. These courses build understanding of substance abuse and mental health issues many families and communities battle every day.

We Congratulate Cheryl on her well-deserved award and recognize her is an exemplary model of dedication and compassion.

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