Motorcycle & Moped Theft Prevention Guide

--Somerville MA., Please take a look at these helpful tips for preventing theft of motorcycle or mopeds. 

1. Concealment

One of the best methods for preventing theft of a motorcycle or moped is concealing it in a hiddne spot or placing a cover over it so thieves don't know what type of bike or moped it is. If you park with a garage with windows, you might want to shade your windows from anyone who might be able to see inside. Even bikes inside garages should be securely locked. 

2. Lock it or Lose it

Because motorcycles can be moved freely without a key, its crucial to lock it down. Steering locks are okay but can be easily defeated. A disc lock will not only secure your motorcyle or moped but prevent it from rolling freely. Investing in a lock with an alarm will further deter thieves and using two locks will make it even tougher for a thief to tackle. Bonus: If one of them achors the bike to something immovalble, you are better off. 

3. Kill-switch

Consider installing a hidden kill-switch will make your motorcycle or moped impossible to start or hotwaire even if a thief has the keys to it!

4. Parking is Everything

If you have to park your motorcylce outside, be sure to park it in a well-lit area and if possible, park in a location where you can keep an eye on it. 

5. Track It

 A GPS tracking device won't necessarily prevent a motorcycle or moped from theft; however, it's an excellent tool to recover one if stolen. Hide the device somewhere on your motorcycle and if the bike is stolen, track it online or on your phone.


According to NICB statistics, the top five most stolen motorcycles coincidentaly are linked to specific brands. Here is their list from 2017.

Motorcycle Brand Thefts