A New Year for Kindness and Understanding

Policing actions displayed by officers keep our ties with the community strong. While respecting all citizens in our community is especially important to keep our community safe. Understanding is another key part of great policing. The Somerville Police have shown a great initiative by allowing officers to take courses that help supplement their training to understand and respect individuals suffering from drug addiction, mental illness and other ailments that affect many of our neighbors across Massachusetts.

Messages from grateful citizens of our policing efforts motivate us to continue our efforts.

All too often people tend to share negative experiences so I want to let you know how appreciative I am. My son has a history of mental illness and has recently been abusing alcohol to deal with his problems. He is in a really tough spot so I called Cataldo as I was worried about his mental frame of mind. Two EMTs arrived with three police officers and I cannot tell you how kind and compassionate they were to my son and to my family. They did not make a scene, they entered the home quietly and with respect. They did not make my son feel threatened instead they talked to him to make sure he was safe….”---Message from Erin.

The Somerville Police is proud to collaborate with Metro Boston CIT TTAC, who provides 40hr. training focused on providing information and tools to inform Police response to individuals and families impacted by behavioral health. State and local community service providers also partner with CIT TTAC to provided content knowledge. The support of so many departments and community organizations is what allows training and good content knowledge to reach officers all over Massachusetts.

They made us feel like we are not alone in this battle, they not only comforted my son but my family as well. Everyone involved told us not to hesitate to call back if needed and gave us great advice. The next morning my son willingly called and checked himself into a dual diagnosis program (fingers crossed)!! Mental illness has such a stigma to it, I am glad that not one person made me feel out of place, instead they made me feel accepted. Thank you again for your kindness and compassion.”---Message from E.

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