FBI LeedaELIGroupx500This year, the Hampton Police Department hosted the Executive Leadership Institute program and partnered with FBI-LEEDA from November 5-9th, 2018 to provide this workshop for supervising facilitators in Law Enforcement. This Executive level course consisted of an excellent series of dialogues regarding 21st century policing which will allow for the Somerville Officers to continue their professional development.  The course consisted of Supervision Level, Command Level and Executive Level Leadership workshops that are taught by current and former police executives from all over the United States and Canada. Each participant demonstrated courage, honest, critical thinking and professionalism. Improving discussions and representing the noble profession of law enforcement in the New England region in a positive light.

(©FBI LEEDA: Pictured above from left to right: Lt. W. Rymill, Sgt. S. Sylvester, FBI LEEDA Instructor Les Kachurek and Sgt. K. Shackelford)

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