Stopped by the Police--What Should I do?

The Somerville Police Department is commited to keep our communities safe while driving. In today's growing media environment is is easy to get distracted by answering texts while driving. Distracted driving can easily endanger the lives of every person on the road. Running a red stop light, or turning without checking blind spots can also be a danger to cyclists and pedestrians on the road. Deaths by car accidents are becoming more frequent in the City of Somerville. City Traffic implentations such as the reduction of street speed in areas of Somerville MA, to the 20 mph limit, helps to reduce some of these fatal crashes. But we need the public's help too. Due to today's policing environment, some residents have growing concerns when getting pulled over by an officer. We have provided this video to help vehicle operators know the steps to take when getting pulled over. By understanding police procedures and guidelines we hope you grow less fearful or anxious when stopped by the police.