The goal of neighborhood policing is to encourage increased interaction between residents and police officers so that issues and concerns may be addressed before they become real problems or crimes. Neighborhood policing means stronger relationships and increased trust between residents and the police officers who serve and protect them. In order to better serve the residents of Somerville, the City invested in two neighborhood police substations: an East Substation and a West Substation.


 Somerville Police Sub-Stations

The East Sub-Station is located at 81 Broadway and the West Sub-Station is located at 1114 Broadway. Both substations operate with the normal business hours Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.


Citizens may use the substation for the following services:

Obtain a Police Clearance Report
Obtain a copy of an Operator's Crash Report to fill out
Obtain a copy of a Police Report that pertains to you

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